Greg Walrath (gregw) wrote,
Greg Walrath

NYC Day Five (11/17/06)

Sleeping in! Yay!

After we lazed around a bit we headed north on the #4 subway to 34th and Broadway, where we did the Empire State Building tour. We went on one of the side tours, NY Skyride, that took us on a 'virtual tour' of NYC, as narrated by Kevin Bacon. Pretty good, even if there were a copule of shots of James Doohan in there as the 'engineer'. I wonder if they know he's dead?

The trip to the top was like standing in line at Disneyland - long, but they keep you moving. We rode an elevator to the 80th floor, stood in another line and had our picture taken, then rode another elevator to the 86th floor, where the action was. Pretty crowded, but we got in some good pictures and such, and really got to see everything. Since the weather had cleared up, it was a great day to go to the top.

There's a nice brew-pub type place at the foot of the ESB, so we had lunch there, as it was almost 2 PM. Afterwards we headed out there and north up 5th Avenue to see what we could see. Saw a few neat sites on the way - some well-known stores, like Lord & Taylor and the NYC Macy's, the New York Public Library (the one with the lions out front), and Moma on one of the side streets, though we didn't go in.

We side-stepped to Rockefeller Center, something I wanted to do today, just for grins. It was kind of neat to see the ice rink you always see on TV with that gold sculpture at one end. It, and the center's Christmas Tree, were all wrapped in scaffolding. The rink isn't that big, either. We wandered through the NBC Experience store to look for our media-related merchandise, but didn't really find anything we wanted (nothing for Heroes or Studio 60, for instance). We headed out from there and walked by Radio City Music Hall. Lots of people in line for that evening's Christmas show which started last week.

Further north found us at the 6th street entrance to Central Park. I indulged my wife and took her on a carriage ride through Central Park. That was nice, and we got a bit of the history of the place. Went by several famous spots where films have been shot, like the Chess & Checkers House and the ice rink.

Afterwards my wife indulged me and we went in to the somewhat-famous Apple Store on 5th and 59th, the one that's a giant glass cube where you enter, then you take the stairs or elevator down to the main level. The store is huge, and was pretty crowded when we were there. Pretty much like any other Apple store in that respect, only larger. The place is open 24 hours, too, and they had some music event scheduled that night at midnight.

Right next to that is the main FAO Schwarts toy store. They still have that in-ground keyboard you can jump on, the one they used in Big. We didn't partake, but there were other kids there enjoying it. Pretty good selection of toys, including a life-size Hagrid, Chewbacca, Santa and Batman, each done in Legos.

Heading south on 5th took us by other retailers like Sakks and Tiffany's (yup, the Breakfast At Tiffany's store, so I got a couple of pictures of that). We wasted a bit more time looking for souveniers while waiting for Garth. After we met up, we took the subway to Chelsea and found a little mexican place called Miss Ann's (sp?), a great, popular little hole-in-the-wall with great food. Then back to the hotel and collapsing in to bed.

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