Greg Walrath (gregw) wrote,
Greg Walrath

  • 08:06 Recorded @warehouse_13 last night. First 10 minutes was $#)(*#'ing wrestling. Been looking forward to this for months. $((# you, @Syfy #
  • 08:16 #@Syfy - think there's some great "synergy" between wrestling and science fiction/fantasy? I've got news for you - I have loved SF (con'td) #
  • 09:45 So, any suggestions for TV/blu-ray that can stream netflix and hulu? #
  • 14:30 Too hot (@ Starbucks) #
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    07:29 Went to UC Doers (user group) meeting last night at MS. Nice presentation by Chris Norman on cS14. Got a OCS R2 book. # 07:46 Nope, it's…

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