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Peaceable Kingdom

Greg Walrath
15 May 1964
I am a married white male, geek, and Christian. I'm a member of the Episcopal Church in the US, born and raised. My father and father-in-law are both priests, and many of my relatives are teachers; I am neither, but have a penchant for both.

I live near Seattle, WA, and I work for Univar USA as their full-time Lotus Domino Administrator (my official title is 'IT Engineer II'). My main responsibility is overseeing the Domino servers that are the gateway to the e-commerce system for ordering chemical-related products and services over the web, as well as our intranet. I also administer our Rational ClearCase server, as well as backup Websphere admin, plus I'm learning WebSphere Portal.

I live in a house with my wife, two kids, a cat and a dog.